Söderlångvik Manor

Söderlångvik Manor
Carriage museum & Café Vivan
Amos Andersonvägen – Amos Andersonintie 2

The history of Söderlångvik Manor starts in the 14th century. The famous Finnish businessman, Amos Anderson (1878–1961), bought a small house in Southwest of Finland and renovated it to how it looks today. The main building has since 1965  been an art  museum with Amos Anderson’s own art collections. A thorough renovation will be done during 2019 and the first part of 2020. Museum is closed during the renovation and will be opened in autumn 2020.

Applegardens, forestry, cafe & restaurant Café Söderlångvik and many events are main parts of activities at Söderlångvik manor. Söderlångvik Manor is a vibrant entity that manages a valuable cultural heritage and actively develops new business ideas.

Söderlångvik manor is owned by the association Föreningen Konstsamfundet r.f.